10 Reasons Why Use Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash Best Remedies

The sore, red, and scaly patches appear on your baby’s skin. The skin becomes inflamed on the stomach as well as the thighs. Diaper rash is a common problem confronting parents today. Even before we look at how coconut oil for diaper rash works, we need to know a few things about diaper rash.

It is almost impossible to remove entirely the wetness found in the diaper. There is always some wetness left. Ammonia, urine, and bacteria are not particularly very good for your baby’s skin. You have to constantly change the diaper when soiled by the baby.

Infections caused by the yeast are common, hence the baby rash. When the baby rubs itself against the diaper (otherwise known as chaffing), it suffers from diaper rash. Although there are powders and lotions for diaper rash, they are not always effective.

Use antibiotics, scalp infections, certain food is taken by the mother among others all lead to diaper rash. What do you do? The coconut oil for diaper rash is the answer to all your baby’s diaper problems.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Diaper Rash?

Coconut oil has been used for centuries all over the world, and throughout various cultures.
The word for coconut in some languages literally translates to “oil tree” revealing how prevalent this substance is in many areas of the world.

These tropical plants are most abundant in Southeast Asia but are also found in various regions across the globe.
So is coconut oil good for diaper rash? It may be, but only if it is applied correctly.
If you have ever experienced a rashy situation,

then you’ve also likely tried using various treatments to alleviate the pain and discomfort. This has probably included trying to apply various things to your skin to attempt to restore its natural balance.

There are 10 reasons why coconut oil is the best remedy for diaper rash.

1. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

The first reason is that, unlike other artificial ingredients that are harmful to the skin of your baby, coconut is pure and natural. This makes it safe for use on your baby’s delicate skin. You will not find the offending steroids in coconut oil.

2. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Most of the baby products that we have today trigger some allergic reactions to the skin. The oils are the notorious lot and you guessed right, your baby will forever be grappling with red bumps every time you apply oil. Coconut oil has a unique and formulation which makes it exceptionally good for your baby. It has known no known allergic elements in it.

3. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

The reason why this oil is highly recommended to you is the fact it contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The baby’s skin is highly susceptible to infections. Yeast infection is particularly very common in babies’ skins. Coconut oil is highly effective in eliminating all these agents of infection.

You would be impressed to learn that the oil also contains anti-microbial properties, making coconut oil for diaper rash one of the most ideal for your baby. You shouldn’t think twice about the best oil to relieve your baby from those incessant rashes. Use the coconut oil and the rashes will disappear once and for all.

4. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Does your baby frequently suffer from irritation of the skin? Have you tried all types of oils to no avail? Try the coconut oil and you will see the difference. The oil has been hailed as the best that there is as far as dealing with irritation is concerned.

Not only does coconut oil eliminate the irritations, but it also keeps the baby’s skin healthy. Literally, the skin grows due to the application of the oil on it. You cannot chance upon your baby’s skin with just any over-hyped oil that you come across.

5. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

The oil has been found to contain a special acid known as lauric acid. This acid helps in fighting bacteria and fungi that grow and thrives on the baby’s skin. If your baby has a recurrent attack by either of them,

you do not need to for expensive powders and creams. This oil is all that you need to apply on the skin after changing the diaper and you will notice that the rashes will disappear pretty fast.

6. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

If there are fungal and yeast infections, the lauric acid couples with acrylic acid to ensure that these harmful growths and infections are eliminated from the skin completely. These two acids are so powerful that they kill the rash-causing micro-organisms in no time.

7. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

The softness and the moisture retention of the skin are two important aspects that every parent wants for their baby. Unfortunately, the commercially available products are not gentle to the skin of your baby. Coconut oil on the other hand is rightly formulated with saturated oils. There is no loss of moisture on the baby’s skin. It also retains the soft and tender skin that is mostly associated with the baby’s skin.

8. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

we are well aware that the skin a living organ that needs to be constantly nourished It needs to be nourished with vitamins so that it does not crack. The oil, fortunately, has vitamin E which is essential for ensuring that the skin remains healthy.

9. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

 The growth of the baby’s skin also depends on the other nutrients which you feed to it. Coconut oil is a rich source of protein. This makes the skin healthy both from the inside as well as outside. These 10 reasons should convince you to get yourself the oil so that you and your baby maintain healthy skin.

10. Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

What should you do if the baby already has red, scaly patches which simply won’t go? Relax, all that you need to do is to buy the coconut oil for diaper rash and get a new diaper. The baby’s bottoms should next be washed thoroughly and left to dry. Then, using your fingertips, gently apply the oil to the areas where the rashes are present.

After a few minutes have elapsed, you can now put the new diaper on the baby. If you follow this routine a few more times, you will notice the changes as the rashes will start to disappear.

 There is a lot that you can do with the coil. For instance, it can be made into a sort of cream. The ingredients are right before your eyes. Coconut oil is used to make a cream using other ingredients such as:

The above are heated on a saucepan. They are heated into the melted oil and then cooled. If you care, you can also make a coconut oil spray. You will only need to use different ingredients such as grape seed extract and lavender oil

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