10 Types Of Most Common Rashes in Babies, Natural Treatment

Common New-born Baby Rashes

Baby common Rashes, Most Parents Think That The Only Type Of Baby Rashes Which Afflict Babies Is The One That Is Caused As A Result Of Their Diapers. This Is Wrong; There Are Various Types Of common Baby Rashes That Your Baby Can Suffer From.

A Baby’s Skin Is Really Sensitive And Is Continuously Experiencing New Materials Around Them Such As Lotions, Soaps, And Creams. Due To The Fact That All Of These Things Are New To A Baby, Their Skin Can Be More Vulnerable To Baby Rashes.

Rashes Are A Common Problem In Babies, And In Order To Treat Them Properly, You Need To Understand The Causes. Some Of The Common Types Of Rashes Are:

1. Diaper Rash Common Rashes In Babies

  • This Is Perhaps The Most Common Type Of Rash That Occurs On Newborn Babies Or Even Babies That Are 6-12 Months Old.
  • If It Is Not Taken Seriously, It May Become A Serious Problem And May Irritate The Baby Very Harshly. Sometimes It Causes Bleeding And Intense Itching And Burning.
  • This Is Normally Treated With Diaper Lubricant And Regular Cleaning Of The Baby`S Skin.
  • Normally Diaper Rashes Go Away With Time But Should Be Managed Properly In Order To Reduce The Pain And Irritation That Your Baby Has To Go Through.

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2. Prickly Heat Or Miliaria

  • This Kind Of Rash Mostly Occurs On The Face Of The Baby.
  • The Reason For This Kind Of Rash Is Normally A Hot Climate Or Other Warm Surroundings. The Hot Climate Makes The Baby Sweat And Can Cause The Pores Of The Baby To Get Clogged, Which Ultimately Results In Bumps Appear On The Nose Of The Baby.
  • This Kind Of Rash Normally Appears In The Form Of Blisters. These Blisters Are Not Like Acne. You Should Also Check The Temperature Of Your Baby.

3. Cradle Cap 

  • This Kind Of Rash Is Present In A Newborn Baby And Its Cause Is Clogged Pores, Which Normally Happens On The Face, Neck, Or Scalp Of Your Newly Born Baby.
  • This Kind Of Rash Can Easily Be Treated If Some Treatment Is Given. Thankfully This Rash Does Not Irritate The Baby As Much As Some Other Kinds Of Baby Rashes Do. Regular Baby Oil Can Get Rid Of It.
  • This Kind Of Rash Is More Like Dandruff And Causes Dry Patches On The Skin Of Your Newborn.

4. Heat Rash common rashes in babies

common rashes

Clogging Of Skin Pores Mostly Because Of Sweating Usually Gives Rise To Heat Rash. Tightly Fitted Clothing And Heat Tend To Worsen These Tiny Red Bumps Or Blisters. Lower Back And Back Of The Neck Are The Most Common Areas Susceptible To Heat Rash In Infants.

5. Milia and Baby Acne Common Rashes In Babies

  • Many Babies Are Born With Milia Pearly White Bumps On The Nose, Chin, Or Cheeks Caused By Skin Flakes Trapped Near The Surface Of The Skin.
  • Baby Acne, On The Other Hand, Appears As More Pronounced Red Or White Bumps On The Forehead Or Cheeks.
  • Baby Acne Develops Within The First Three To Four Weeks Due To Hormonal Changes That Stimulate Oil Glands. Rarely, Baby Acne May Signal A Hormonal Problem.
  • Both Conditions Usually Clear Up On Their Own Milia Within A Few Weeks, Baby Acne Within A Few Months. Simply Wash Your Baby’s Face With Water And A Mild Baby Soap Daily,
  • Avoid Lotions Or Oils, And Never Pinch Or Scrub The Bumps. If Baby Acne Doesn’t Clear Up Within Three Months,

6. Eczema

Infant Eczema Usually Causes Dry, Red, Scaly, And Infant Itchy Skin Rashes Mostly On The Face, Limbs, Or Trunk. Hereditary Factors Are Generally Held Responsible For Causing This Skin Condition.

7. Impetigo baby rashes

This Is A Common Infant Skin Infection Caused By Bacteria. It Results In The Formation Of A Large, Clear Blister Filled With Liquid. The Diaper Area Is The Most Common Site Of This Infection.

8. Hives common rashes in babies

This Common Skin Ailment Resulting In The Appearance Of Small Red Bumps On The Skin Is Triggered By An Allergic Reaction Caused By Certain Foods, Chemicals, Medicines, Or Environmental Allergens.

9. Oral Thrush

common rashes

It Is A Common Yeast Infection Usually Giving Rise To Annoying Infant Skin Rashes On The Face. Improper Wiping Of The Infant’s Face After Feeding Mostly Leads To This Sort Of Infection Causing An Infantile Skin Rash.

10. Contact Dermatitis

  • Contact Dermatitis Is Usually Caused By Skin Irritation Due To Contact With Specific Chemicals Or Irritants. Contact Dermatitis Induced Baby Skin Rashes With Mild Redness, Itchiness, And Inflammation Are Often Confined To The Area That Came In Contact With The Irritant.
  • Some Harmless Birthmark-Like Infant Skin Rashes May Also Be Present Such As Mongolian Spots, Salmon Patches, Strawberry Or Capillary Hemangiomas, Etc.

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