Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide

Best Cloth Diapers Reviews is a “how to choose the best cloth diapers. I must say that choosing cloth diapers can be a hard choice because there are so many different types of cloth diapers in the market. Not all cloth diapers are equal and not all work for every baby.

You’re a new mom and you want to use the best cloth diapers. There are many options out there, but how do you decide which diaper is right for your baby?

1. Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers Reviews

Fuzzi Bunz’s one-size cloth diapers are pretty innovative as far as cloth diapers go.  They have four adjustable waist settings plus eight leg casings setting which allow these diapers to fit any baby between 7-35 pounds.

Most cloth diapers that are adjustable do so through snaps. Fuzzi Bunz diapers, on the other hand, have combined both elastic adjustments with buttons to give twice as many settings to adjust to your baby’s unique size.

A common problem with these new types of cloth diapers is that the closure begins to wear out after repeated washings. FuzziBunz guarantees their closures will last at least three years and can easily be replaced when needed.

2. FuzzinBunz One Size Cloth Diapers Reviews

Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide 1Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide 2

These new design FuzziBunz one-size pocket cloth diapers are adjustable from newborn to toddler age! You will have no leaks by adjusting the diapers with the button and elastic fittings.

All babies between 7-35 pounds can get a snug yet comfortable and leak-proof fit. 8+ settings on the legs and 4+ settings on the waist make these the ultimate one-size cloth diaper.

Instead of just having snap downs on the front of the diaper like most one-size cloth diapers, Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers have an elastic/button adjustment system like no other pocket cloth diaper on the market today.

The button and elastic combined system eliminate the need for excessive snaps. When you spend more money on cloth diapers vs disposable diapers, you want them to last.

FuzziBunz is built to last and offer a cheap and easy replaceable elastic system on the diapers, so you will have years of extended use with each diaper. You do not have to rip seams or sew. Just replace and go.

FuzzinBunz Cloth Diapers Product Details

  • No leak no rash no waste
  • Incredible Cost Savings
  • Limiting Landfil Waste
  • Fits from 7-18 pounds
  • Durable and Long Lasting

3. Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth Diapers on Sale

Fuzzi Bunz diapers seem to be a hit with the majority of diaper changes. We like the fact that you can adjust both the waist and leg fittings. We also prefer the snaps to velcro which seem to adjust better and are longer lasting.

Some have said that every now and then they have had trouble with leaks, but usually, it is just an adjustment issue. Even those who have had minor issues still say they prefer FuzziBunz to other cloth diapers and that they prefer the one size to the fitted cloth diapers.

The diaper comes in a variety of colors including orange, white, pink, green, red, sage, yellow, aqua (pictured in this review above), baby blue, butter, lavender daisy, and periwinkle. One user noted that the white starts to get discolored after several uses, so you may want to go with a colored diaper.

4. Bummis Prefold Cloth Diapers Reviews

Bummis organic pre-fold cloth diapers are a relatively new product from a well-known diaper company. These thick organic cloth diapers are extremely absorbent and waterproof.

The 100% organic cotton is nice and soft and becomes softer with repeated washings. One important tip if you purchase these diapers is that expect them to shrink about 20-25% after washing. Therefore, make note of the different sizes.

Small is for babies between 7-15 pounds, medium 15-30 pounds. If your baby is borderline, say around 12-15 pounds, you may want to go for the medium size which they will grow into and especially after the shrinkage from repeated washings.

The only real reoccurring complaint is in fact, that these diapers run a little small. One mom noted that her 11-pound baby seemed to be already outgrowing the small-size diaper. Those that purchased the medium size felt that were plenty roomy and size was not such as issue.

What customers like most about Bummis Organic Prefold Cloth Diapers:

  • Affordable
  • Very soft, gentle cloth
  • Thick, strong, durable, and absorbent
  • Environmentally friendly, unbleached organic cotton

5. Bummis Organic Prefold Cloth Diapers 6-pack All Sizes Description

New Bummis organic prefold diapers are made from 100% certified organic cotton twill. These affordable organic cloth diapers are luxuriously thick with a nice snug fit which makes them super absorbent and waterproof.

Bummis cloth diapers are also not bleached and very soft, becoming softer after every wash. These Bummis pre-fold cloth diapers are very versatile. This package includes 6 diapers.

Bummis Organic Cloth Diapers Product Details

  • These diapers should be washed and dried 3-5 times before using to remove the natural oils and waxes. Please expect an approximate shrinkage of about 20-25% after completing the pre-washes.
  • Made of 100% certified organic cotton twill, they are wonderfully thick and thirsty.
  • They come in a gorgeous unbleached colour and are incredibly soft. And the more you wash them,
  • You will love our beautiful organic cotton packaging! The bags fit 6 diapers each, feature our logo in full colour, and close with a colourful snap.
  • ORGANIC pre-fold diapers are 4X8X4 Ply and are Diaper Service Quality

people like to use pre-fold cloth diapers for double duty – burp cloths, nursing pads, and when the baby outgrows them, use them as extra diaper liners, changing table pads, or even durable rags.

With these Bummis organic pre-fold cloth diapers people have like to use them with You can use these pre-fold cloth diapers with cloth diaper covers such as the Bummi Original, Super Brite, Polar Bummi, Super Whisper, Thirsties, or Bummis Biosoft Flushable Diaper Liners as an entire cloth diaper package set.

Snappies diaper fasteners are a nice and easy way to keep the diapers in place and snug to prevent leaks.

6. BumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers Reviews

bumGenius one-size cloth diapers are a great alternative to disposable diapers and just as easy to use. What does one-size mean? These diapers will fit babies from 8 pounds up to 35 pounds, so pretty much nearly every baby can fit into these.

The best thing is that they can be adjusted as your baby grows and will not be too bulky for your newborn nor too tight as your baby grows through to toddler age. They are super absorbent and super comfortable, yet keep the messes in but away from your baby’s sensitive skin.

Cloth diaper design has come a long way and if you have been hesitant about trying, these bumGenius diapers are the way to go. Many parents have said they wish they would have tried these sooner if they had known how easy they were to use. Plus they are good for your baby and the environment!

How to Use bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers, 3.0 Pocket

bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers 3.0 Description

bumGenius one-size cloth diapers offer industry-first (patent pending), stretch-to-fit tabs. These tabs make cloth diapers like disposable diapers, are easy to use, and provide a comfortable fit and trim look.

bumGenius cloth diapers are perfect for people who normally would prefer disposable but will think otherwise once they see how easy it is to use these types of cloth diapers. You can now use one diaper for all your children, no matter what size which simplifies laundry and the diaper drawer. You will no longer have to sort by size or have to carry lots of different-sized diapers when going out.

The three snap-downs on the front of the diaper adjust the rise as your baby grows. For newborns, fold down the insert stopper for an extra-small rise. These bumGenius diapers are extremely absorbent and include a newborn insert/booster with all version 3.0 diapers, in addition to the regular diaper insert. The newborn insert is designed to reduce bulk for small babies.

Additional Reviews & Information About bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers 3.0

We hope this bumGenius one-size cloth diapers review has helped with your decision. Overall, most parents have confirmed that the diapers fit well, from using them on their newborns to their toddlers.  There is a little bit of investment upfront, but over time it pays off more than getting disposables. 

The only complaints we have seen, and not many, are that sometimes the velcro tabs begin to wear out a little and if not washed properly, they will begin to get some wear and tear. But that is from the minority of reviews more so than being the majority.

Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers Reviews

This Gerber pre-fold cloth diapers review is for their three-ply diapers with padding and birdseye weave. There have been mixed reviews for these cloth diapers. Some users felt that these are some of the best among low to mid-priced pre-fold cloth diapers.

They liked the high absorbency and quick-drying birdseye cloth cotton. Some cloth diapers are often bulky, but most felt that these were not, especially for babies older than two months.

12-Pack Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers, 3-Ply with Padding and Birdseye

These reusable Gerber pre-fold cloth diapers are made with a fine yarn gauze birdseye weave which creates a very soft cloth diaper for your baby. The 100% cotton weave also produces an extremely absorbent and fast-drying fabric.

They are fitted and include an absorbent polyester pad liner to help draw the wetness away from the baby’s skin. Instructions for how to fold the cloth diapers, simple two folds, come with the package. These diapers are machine washable but advised to use non-chlorine bleach. They measure 20-1/2″ long x14-1/2″ wide.

Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers Product Details

  • Made of 100% cotton Birdseye
  • soft, quick drying and absorbent diaper
  • Prefolded 3-ply center panel for added absorbency
  • washable and reusable
  • Comfortable feel


After reading the above reviews, you should know enough about cloth diapers to make good decisions for your baby or yourself. You can still personally contact manufacturers if you have additional questions and choose any cloth diaper of your choice. Good luck in choosing your best cloth diapers. Hope these reviews will help you a lot.

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