Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide

best cloth diapers for newborns in 2022

Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews: Comparison Of 6 Diaper Brands

Which Is The Best Cloth Diapers for newborns? We Tested 6 Popular Brands Of Cloth Diapers And Compared Them With The Objective Of Finding The Best Eco-Friendly Diaper That Is Also Kind To Your Baby’s Tender Skin.

All Of The Diapers Used In Our Reusable Diapers Reviews Went Through Both Lab Testing And Hands-On Testing. They Were Rated Based On Their Performance In Areas That Really Matter.

These Reusable Diapers Reviews Mainly Focus On Reusable Cloth Diapers, Which Are Becoming The Preferred Choice Of Parents Because Of Their Eco-Friendly Nature, Reusability, And Affordability. Disposable Diapers, On The Other Hand, Come With Harsh Chemicals Which May Irritate Your Baby’s Skin.

They Also Create A Great Deal Of Waste. Your Baby May Use 6000 To 9000 Diapers By The Time S/He Is Ready For Potty Training And All Of Those Diapers Will Ultimately End Up In The Landfill. Just Think About Their Impact On The Environment, And You Will Definitely Want To Look At ‘Greener’ Options.

Reusable Diapers, On The Other Hand, Don’t Create Much Waste. Many Of Them Will Outlast Two Children. Many Of Them Are Also Available In A Wide Range Of Colors And Shapes. Several Companies Offer Reusable Diapers,

But These Reusable Diapers Reviews Are About The Six Brands That Offer The Simplest Diapering Solutions. Besides Hybrids And All-In-Ones, Our Reusable Diapers Reviews Roundup Includes Nappies For Newborn Babies And Washable Swim Diapers.

Read On To Learn Which Diaper Came Out As The Winner In Our Reusable Cloth Diapers Reviews.

Properties To Consider While Buying Reusable Cloth Diapers

Many Parents Have Reservations About Disposable Diapers Because Of The Health Problems Associated With Them. And Consequently, More And More Parents Are Now Turning To Cloth Diapering Solutions.

Here Are A Few Things To Consider Before Buying Cloth Diapers For Your Little Bundle Of Joy:

  1. Ease Of Use – Reusable Cloth Diapers Has Indeed Come A Long Way. Thanks To Inventions Like Flushable Liners And Diaper Sprayers, Cloth Diapers Are Surprisingly Easy To Wash. You No Longer Have To Soak Them For Hours. You Don’t Need To Dip Them In The Toilet Either. Many Cloth Diapers Have Elastics Around The Waist And Thigh Areas To Prevent Leakage. However, You Will Still Have To Wash Them Often, And This Can Be A Problem If You’re Traveling (You’ll Have To Tote Soiled Diapers Back Home.) And Finally, Convincing Your Partner Or Other Caregivers That Reusables Are The Best Choice For Your Baby Can Be Difficult, At Least Initially. Before Buying Cloth Diapers, You Have To Narrow Down Your Choice To One Size Diapers, All-In-Ones, Pocket Diapers, Fitteds/Covers, Or Prefolds/Covers. Then You Have To Decide Whether You Want Snap Closures, Velcro, Wool, Or PUL.
  2. Price – You Can Save Thousands Of Dollars Even After Factoring In Energy And Water Costs When You Decide To Use Cloth Diapering For Your Child. According To A Study Published By Consumer Reports, Parents Save 1,500 USD To 2,000 USD When They Use Cloth Diapers. And When You Use The Same Reusable Diapers For 2 Kids, Your Savings Will Be Approximately 4,000 USD. When It Comes To Cloth Diapers, Covers And Prefolds Are The Least Expensive Options. Prefolds Last Really Long Because They Do Not Have Many Parts That Are Likely To Suffer Wear And Tear. In Fact, Many Of Them Can Be Used For Multiple Children. 100% Cotton Prefolds Are The Least Expensive Option.
  3. Absorbency – Some Manufacturers Make Diapers By Sewing In Multiple Layers Of Flannelette. Of Course, These Diapers Are Highly Absorbent. However, They Take A Long Time (Over 90 Minutes) To Dry. Since Long Drying Time Can Increase Laundering Costs, They Are Not Exactly A Great Choice. All-In-One Cloth Diapers, Too, Take A Great Deal Of Time To Dry. They Cannot Be Dried On High Heat As It May Cause Their Outer Shell To Break. With The Objective Of Reducing The Drying Time, Many Diaper Manufacturers Now Sew A 4 Layer Pad Into The Middle Of A 2 Layer Flannelette Diaper. There Is One Problem, Though. When The Attached Pad Is Loose, Removing The Poop Can Be A Bit Tricky.
  4. Washing Facilities – If You Are Using Cloth Diapers, You Should Have A Washing Machine And A Dryer In Your Home. They Simplify The Whole Process Of Washing And Drying. If You Don’t Have A Dryer, You Will Have To Hang Dry The Diapers. That May Also Affect Your Choice. In General, Pocket Diapers Dry Quickly Even When You Hang Them Inside. Prefold Covers And Diapers Can Also Be Washed And Dried Easily.
  5. Fit – One Size Diapers Fit Your Baby From Infancy To Potty Training, So They Are The Preferred Option For Most Parents. However, When The Baby Grows Up, Sometimes The Rise May Not Be As High As You Would Like It To Be. Another Problem With One Size Diapers Is That All The Absorbency Pads Are Attached To The Diaper. This Makes Them Quite Bulky For A Newborn. Elastics Around The Waist And Legs Can Also Be A Pain If Your Child Is Chubby. Plus, The Snaps On One Size Diapers Can Confuse People (Dads, Grandparents, Baby Sitters Etc.) Who Does Not Use Them Every Day?
  6. Eco-Friendly – There Are Several Benefits Of Using Cloth Diapers. In Fact, People Prefer Cloth Diapers Over Disposables For A Variety Of Reasons. The Environmental Factor Is Definitely One Of Them. If You Are Very Particular About Being As ‘Green’ As Possible, Cloth Diapers Will Always Be Your First Choice. Studies Have Revealed That Disposable Diapers May Take Up To 500 Years To Decompose. They Account For About 4 Percent Of Solid Waste And Are The Third Largest Consumer Product In Landfills. Your Child May Use Over 6000 Diapers Before S/He Is Ready For Potty Training. Even If You Have Just One Baby Using Diapers, Disposables May Still Account For About 50 Percent Of Your Total Household Waste
  7. Material – Before Buying Diapers For Your Baby, You Really Need To Know What Materials Are Used To Make Them. If The Skin Layer Of The Diaper Is Bleached, It May Contain Dioxin, A Potentially Harmful Chemical. Make Sure That The Fabric Touching The Baby’s Skin Is Soft, Safe, And Absorbent. As A General Rule, A Diaper Can Be Considered Safe If It Is Made Of Certified Organic Hemp Or Cotton And Fleece Free Of BPA. Though Wool Is Well-Known For Its Water Resistant Properties, It Is Not Exactly Soft. Diapers With Pins Are Obviously Unsafe For Your Baby. The Snaps On The One Size Cloth Diapers Are Also A Cause For Concern. They Become Loose After Several Washes And May Come Off. This Is A Choking Hazard You Need To Watch Out For.

1. FuzziBunz Best Cloth Diapers For Newborns Review

Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 1Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 2

FuzziBunz Offers Innovative Cloth Diapering Solutions. Their Diapers Are Leak Free And Rash Free. FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers Are Made Of Two Layers. The Outer Layer Is Made Of A Soft Waterproof Material.

The Inner Layer Is Made Of 100 Percent Breathable Poly Fleece. Together, The 2 Layers Form A Nice Pocket Into Which A Pre-Folded Diaper Or Insert Can Be Placed. This System Keeps All That Wetness Away From Your Baby’s Tender Skin. FuzziBunz Diapers Come With Plastic Snaps For Creating That Perfect Fit. They Are Also Very Adjustable.

FuzziBunz Best Cloth Diapers Features at a glance

  • Easy To Adjustleg And Waist Casings
  • 2 Thick Micro Terry Inserts With Each Diaper
  • Uses Soft And Thick Microfleece
  • Available In Bright Colors
  • Diapers Have 3 Snaps For Better Fit
  • Replacement Elastic Band
  • Button-Buttonhole System For Waist Adjustment

Pros – Great Performance And Fit

Cons – Expensive Than Their Counterparts

Best Feature – The Fit – Their Fit Is Absolutely Fabulous. There Are No Visible Snaps On The Front, And The Diaper Isn’t Bulky Either, So They Can Be Used For Very Young Babies. They Also Have A Nice Rise Which Makes Them Suitable For Your Toddlers As Well. The Crossover Snaps Can Fit A Small Waist.

2. Real Nappies Cloth Diapers Review

Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 3Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 4

Real Nappies Cloth Diapers Have 3 Parts: The Cover, The Absorbent Prefold, And The Optional Flushable Liner. You Don’t Need To Wash It Every Time You Change The Prefolds As They Are Thick And Well-Made.

Features at a glance

  • Customizable
  • Contain 2 Parts – Cotton Insert And Nappy Cover
  • Boosters Available For Heavy Wetters
  • 4 Different Sizes
  • 2 Children Guarantee (Diaper Lasts For 2 Kids)

Pros – Great Price. Cheaper Than The Alternatives, Good Quality Prefolds. Prefolds And Covers Are Available In 4 Sizes.

Cons -The Velcro Tabs Seem To Be A Bit Hard And Stiff. They Are Also A Little Scratchy. Another Problem Is That These Tabs Can Be Pulled Open Easily.

Best Feature – The Prefolds Are Highly Absorbent. Real Nappies Guys Claim That Their Cloth Diapers Will Last For 2 Children. If They Don’t, They’ll Replace Them. Real Nappies Cloth Diapers Are As Absorbent As Disposable Diapers. The Prefolds Can Be Folded In Such A Way That They Suit Both Boys And Girls.

3. Safari diaper review

Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 5Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 6

Diaper Safari Offers A Highly Economical Diapering Solution With A Great Fit. The Covers Are ‘Wipe And Re-Use’ Friendly. Needless To Say, You Can Use Them For A Long Time. The Inserts Are Made Of Both Natural And Stay-Dry Fibers. The Retail At Just $5.99. At The Price Point, They Are Cheaper Than Thirsties’ Duo Hemp Prefold.

Another Great Feature Is That The Diaper Safari Diaper Covers Come In A Wide Range Of Colors And Patterns.

Safari diaper Features

  • Rows Of Snaps, Adjustable Rise
  • Diapers With Elastic Available
  • Shells Available In Hook & Loop Or Snap
  • Hemp Inserts Available In Three Sizes
  • Overnight Inserts  Available
  • Extender Tabs Are Available In Both Hook & Loop And Snap
  • Roomy Pockets For Varied Inserts

Pros – Free Shipping, Great Fit, Lightweight, And Flexible

Cons – Covers Do Not Have Crossover Snaps, Too Large For A Newborn

Best Feature – The Fit – These Diapers Have Front And Back Flaps For Securing The Prefold/Insert Perfectly Into Place. Unlike Other Covers, They Will Not Slip. Thanks To The Intuitive Side Snap Panel, Getting That Perfect Fit Is Quite Easy.

Their One Size Diapers Have Roomy Pockets That Can Accommodate Multiple Layers Of Inserts. These Diapers Are Highly Absorbent And Easy To Use. The Inside Is Made Of Suedecloth, A Material Known For Its Ability To Contain Moisture.

4. Thirsties diapers review

Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 7Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 8

Thirsties Are Known For Their Huge Range Of Diaper Wraps And Covers. Their Hemp Prefolds Are Some Of The Most Absorbent Reusable Diapers Available At The Moment. Thirsties Offers Several Types Of Diapers. The Company Is Also Expanding Its Accessory Line. Their Reusable Diapers Are Made Of High-Quality Fabrics, And They Are Available In Cute Colors And Patterns.

Their Diapers Are Basically Available In Two Sizes And They Will Last Your Baby From Infancy To Potty Training. The Elastics Around The Waist And Legs Prevent Leakage. Since These Diapers Are Made Of High-Quality Material, They Won’t Cause Any Skin Rashes. That Is Their Guarantee.

The Fab-Fitted Diapers Come With A Unique Soaker For Extra Absorbency. Diapers With Snaps And Aplix Closures Are Also Available.

Thirsties diapers Feature

  • Diapers With The Aplix Closure
  • Stay-Dry Inner
  • Flexible And Light Wraps
  • Available In  Cute Prints And Many Colors
  • Special Tunnel Design
  • Unique Soaker For Extra Absorbency
  • Inner Layer Made Of 100 Percent Polyester, No Rashes

Pros – The Leg Gussets Effectively Prevent Leakage, And The Diapers Are True To Size.

Cons – Bulky, Poor Velcro

Best Feature – No Leaks Or Blowouts

5. Kushies diapers Review

Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 9Top 6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns Reviews & Buying Guide 10

Kushies All In One Reusable Diaper Offer The Best Of Both Worlds. These Diapers Can Be Put On With The Same Ease As Disposables. But Unlike Disposables, They Are Reusable And Eco-Friendly.

Since These Diapers Are Made Of Soft, Breathable Material, They Are Quite Comfortable For Your Baby. They Are 100% Leak Proof And Don’t Cause Any Spillage Even When The Baby Is Crawling. This Makes Them An Ideal Choice For Both Daytime And Nighttime Use.

These Diapers Are Available In A Huge Assortment Of Prints. Solid Colors Are Also Available.

Kushies diapers Review Features at a glance

  • 100% Cotton Flannel, Form Fitting
  • Extra Absorbency At The Center
  • Hook Loop Closure System
  • Exterior Layer Remains Free Of Cracks And Creases For Long
  • High Quality Stitching
  • Very Absorbent
  • Stains On The Diapers Are Easily Removable
  • Generous Leg Holes With Adjustable Hook-Loop Tabs

Pros – Inexpensive, No Leaks

Cons – Velcro Is Not Too Strong, And The Diapers Are Bulky

Best Feature – Kushies All In One Diapers Don’t Need A Cover. The Sport A Great, Waterproof Exterior Which Eliminates The Need For A Diaper Cover. The Interior Is Made Of A Super Soft Material Consisting Of 5 Layers Of Absorbent Flannel. There Is Also A Hidden Soaker For Ultimate Absorbency.

6. Shopdiaper Diapers

At Shopdiaper.Com, You Will Find Cloth Diapers That Fit Newborns As Well As Older Kids. Their Diapers Have An Inner Layer Made Of Soft Fleece. The Outer Layer Is Made Of Laminated Polyurethane.

Shopdiaper Diapers Use The Synthetic Fiber TPU For Making The Diaper Waterproof. This Fiber Is Said To Be More Environment-Friendly Than PUL. The Inside Of The Diaper Is Made Of Suedecloth. Although, This Material Is Not As Soft As Microfleece, It Is Quite Good At Absorbing Moisture.

Shopdiaper Nappies Are A Little Bigger Than The Diapers Available In Other Stores. This Makes Them A Bit Unsuitable For Very Young Babies. On The Bright Side, They Come With Many Snaps So Getting That Perfect Fit For Your Baby Is Not All That Difficult. These Diapers Do Not Cause Any Rashes Because They Are Made Of Highly Absorbent Breathable Material.

Features at a glance

  • Inner Part Made Of Suedecloth Which Is A Little Stiff
  • Bamboo Cotton Inserts
  • A Bit Oversized

Pros – Inexpensive, Lives Through Several Washes

Cons – Leaks If Used Overnight

Best Feature – Inexpensive And Highly Economical

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